Geospatial Consultancy Services

What if you could streamline your business processes and manage your geospatial data in a more cost-effective and efficient way?

It can all seem very daunting, and you may ask yourself a number of difficult questions when contemplating how to manage and organise your geospatial information. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • How can I build and maintain a geospatial data model?
  • How best can I manage all the data from Ordnance Survey, let alone all of my data?
  • Why does addressing seem so difficult and how can I make sense of it?
  • Licensing seems such a minefield

Landmark is here to help you through the process:

We have been in the geospatial business for 20 years; some of our specialists over 30 years and provide a whole range of geospatial Business to Business services and operate a range of geospatial contracts with government – so we understand the reality around geospatial business services and how to make the right choices for our customers. We maintain one of Europe’s largest commercial geospatial databases, are Ordnance Survey’s biggest partner and we understand the ins and outs of how data licensing works, know the industry, the trends and the fads and what works, and what doesn’t.

Specialist Cloud Services from Landmark include:

  • Transition and on-boarding support
  • Data Migration and conversion
  • Service management Technical architecture and design consultancy
  • Business Analysis – ensuring your business vision through cloud-first principles
  • Service integration, transition, deployment and Quality Assurance
  • Cloud service management using our ‘best execution venue’ model
  • CESG secure services to meet your security levels
  • Services to international ISO, ITIL and Programme Management standards
  • GIS, Mapping, Addressing, location-based and property cloud services/expertise helping you to unlock the power of geographic visualisation and analysis
  • Helping you make sense of UK addressing and deriving value from cloud addressing solutions
  • Property valuation, survey, planning, financial risk and environmental risk specialisations
  • Data migration, conversion, capture, rationalisation, validation and cloud serving
  • Cloud service data modelling, geospatial, tabular and statistical analysis
  • Training and knowledge transfer

Our diverse range of specialist cloud services combines with our platform as a service offerings, our geospatial software as a service offerings and our data as a service offerings to provide you with a one-stop shop for cloud based services with a locational element.

Contact us for further information on 01392 690505 or email