Consultancy Services

Specialist end to end solutions tailored to your organisation
A proven track record in delivering robust, low risk systems
Helping you every step of the way, from initial vision through to delivery and beyond

Over the past 12 years we have  designed, built and successfully delivered end-to-end managed services to a wide range of utilities and public sector bodies. Our support has delivered enormous value to a host of renowned organisations across the UK, including DCLG, DECC, ONS, DFPNI, DfT, Sport England, Ordnance Survey, Flood Re, South West Water, Canal and River Trust.

Along the way we have gained significant expertise and learned a lot lessons. The benefit of that real-world experience is available to you when designing, deploying, operating and continuously improving cloud-based implementations, which is why our tailored solutions help make your transition as smooth, seamless and low-risk as possible.

See our GCloud Specialist Cloud Service here.

Our tailored solutions help make your transition as smooth, seamless and low-risk as possible

Our specialist areas of consultancy provide a wide-ranging support system to help you every step of the way:

  • Onboarding Services – Vital support for the deployment process
  • Design Authority Services – Ensuring the design is entirely appropriate for your needs
  • Business Analysis – Bridging the gap between business needs and service architecture
  • Design and Development – Ensuring both are aligned to fit with your organisation
  • Project Specification and Selection – Scoping the project and selecting the right people for the job
  • Deployment – Making sure everything functions exactly as it should
  • Transition Management – Carefully managing the change process
  • Service Integration and Management Services – Covering all elements for a seamless transition
  • Information Management and Digital Continuity – We are an information business, maintaining and serving over 300 national data sets for all varieties of geospatial and regular data to hundreds of thousands of users. As a result, we think we know mostly all there is to know about information management