Pricing & Support


The Landmark PaaS service comprises a number of components from which you may select one or more service elements – ranging from a single virtual server to full-blown Enterprise Platform services incorporating many hundreds of servers, multiple SANS, twin data centre environments and dedicated bandwidth. We offer a range of pricing models to suit individual requirements and to provide you with choice of how you wish to pay.

Our minimum pricing unit is on a monthly basis and starts at £250 per month for access to a single ‘small’ virtual server environment. Clearly, most services will include multiple servers, storage, bandwidth and communications combinations.

We find our customers much prefer a tailored approach to pricing as it allows greater choice to a wide range of requirements. Our experience is that no two customers require exactly the same service or pricing mechanism.

Service Delivery and Customer Support Excellence

We appreciate that every customer requirement is wholly unique, which is why we tailor our support services to suit each individual need. Our Service Desk/Help Desk is always available to you should you encounter any difficulties, and all incidents are recorded and managed using an in-house Managed Incident/Change Request administration system to ensure your request is resolved quickly and appropriately.

This service is carefully monitored and managed, guaranteeing sufficient computing resources are always available, and any unexpected usage or growth is catered for with our continuous capacity planning.

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