Pricing & Support


The Landmark Cloud-GIS service comprises a number of components from which you may select one or more service elements, either as a ‘one-off’ operation (for example a specific geographic analysis work package) or as a longer-term G-Cloud service (for example, ongoing WFS supply of national mapping information.

A trusted supplier

Landmark’s systems are widely recognised and used in existing public sector deployments, including Natural England’s MAGIC and Sport England’s Activeplacespower. Our past successes clearly demonstrate our capability for delivering high performance geospatial SaaS solutions for the public sector.

This service is available through the Government’s framework via the Digital Marketplace.

The service is entirely configurable – from simple map visualisation (WMS) to accessing advanced geo-processing functions.

All services are delivered in accordance with our ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO14001 certifications to ensure complete care and peace of mind.

Open standards

We ensure your solution remains open and future-proof.

We support and initiate all relevant open standards across our On-Line GIS services and seamlessly integrate these into our services along with proprietary standards (e.g. ESRI Geodatabase).

We can work with over 175 standards.

Contact us for further information on 01392 690505 or email