Data as a Service

A robust, high performance and cost effective cloud infrastructure

The place for your data requirements – service overview:

  • Optimise the way you use and purchase geospatial data & tools, with access to sophisticated GIS software, Ordnance Survey maps, Historic maps, Points of Interest, Planning & Environmental Data to Aerial Photography whilst paying for services only as you use them
  • Managing your own data for you to ensure cleanliness, currency and accuracy and innovate fresh information sets for your stakeholders
  • Facilitating and creating visualisation of geographic and spatial data
  • Making available maps, data, and views for your public or specified groups of users
  • We can present your mapping information, via web or in-house, on a range of platforms and devices including; standard web browsers, web-based applications, mobile devices and desktop viewers
  • Your geospatial data will be presented as interactive displays, allowing stakeholders (or general public in appropriate cases) to select and view, zoom or interrogate as they choose
  • We offer full security, which will ensure that only authorised persons can update the information
  • Supported by our specialist cloud service data migration and conversion services
  • A highly customisable service to include the exact functionalities you require

The benefits of Choosing Landmark for your data services

  • Designed and driven by you
  • Delivering the data you want, when you want it, on demand
  • Third party data sets as a service
  • Cost effective
  • Regular updates to your own schedule
  • High levels of availability means no concerns about loss of access at critical times
  • Access to the service can be achieved via a simple online user registration process.

Contact us for further information on 01392 690505 or email

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As well as providing datasets tailored for your business, we can also load and deliver your own data sets as a service back to your organisation. We work with over 175 standards – whether vector, raster, 3-D, point cloud or non-spatial; including Open Standards such as GML, KML, LandXML, DXF, ESRI, Map-Info and other major suppliers.

Data stored on the Landmark service is backed up using industry standard backup technologies and processes to ensure that all your data is fully protected