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    Points of Interest Data - GB

    • Quick and easy access to one of the most comprehensive business listings available
    • Fully configurable data supply to meet your specific needs
    • Readily available in a range of formats to suit you


    A unique Points of Interest dataset using the latest business listings in ready to use GIS formats.

    Created by Landmark Information Group as a joint venture with Ordnance Survey our PointX Points of Interest (POI) data has been designed as the most up to date and consistent business listing tool available.

    Sourced from over 150 independent suppliers and collated into a single dataset, Points of Interest data provides over four million features comprising of Businesses, Public Infrastructure and features of interest.

    Categorised at three levels so that you can choose and customise the data to exactly meet your requirements for your specific area of need

    OS MasterMap TOID and version included for each record and custom symbols are supplied for each Level 2 category. POI is ready to use, as a .TAB file for MapInfo software or .SHP for ESRI software. Also available as text file format

    Phone numbers and web links (when available from suppliers) are also included.


    How this helped our customers

    Points of Interest data is of enormous value to a range of customers across a wide range of applications. In particular it can fulfil “what’s in my neighbourhood” or “where’s my nearest” type questions in a range of application. For example it can show the distribution of health care facilities, the nearest schools.

    Given its wide range of content, users pick and choose the categories of interest and commonly embed the data into their location-based application or service.

    Our Solution

    • Supplied in a variety of formats “ready to go” for use with all common GIS software
    • Creation of ”Code Description” column to allow for ease of searching for specific point types
    • Inclusion of a Primary Care Organisation field, showing the PCO that covers the area where the point is located
    • Workspace/style files supplied to allow the user to open the datasets quickly and easily with logical portrayal of features and labels
    • Qualifier data added to define type of restaurant or place of worship denomination, for example

    Suggested Applications

    • Facility and resource location
    • Location planning
    • Land-use evaluation
    • Effects of recession on town centres

    Features and Uses

    • Categorised at three levels - Level 1 (made up of 9 groups)
    • Level 2 (made up of 52 categories)
    • Level 3 (made up of 620 classes)
    • Location details of business, leisure sites and geographic features
    • Over 4 million records in national GB coverage
    • Custom symbols supplied for each Level 2 category
    • OS MasterMap TOID and version included for each record
    • Ready to use, as a .TAB file for MapInfo software or .SHP for ESRI software. Also available as text file format

    Product Technical Information

    A workspace (for use in MapInfo® Professional) or map document file (for use in ESRI® ArcGIS) opens all the layers and sets zoom layer thresholds that determine when the layers are visible. It uses the British National Grid co-ordinate system.

    Main formats available:

    MapInfo TAB, ESRI SHP, CSV.