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    PGA Data Supply

    • Provision of Points of Interest and Postcode datasets across Government
    • Provided via Pan Government Agreement
    • Simple to Load and with value-added features


    The Pan Government Agreement allowed government departments to avail of key geographic information. Within this framework, Landmark in association with Dotted Eyes was responsible for the supply and maintenance of two key data sets –

    • InterestMap is based on the best POI (Points of Interest) dataset available in Great Britain, with value added features such as customised symbology. It is available in ready-to-use GIS formats such as ESRI shape, MapInfo Tab, MDB and csv.
    • MarkerMap Regions is a Postcode product based on Ordnance Survey’s CodePoint, with value added features such as boundaries, postcodes formatting to recognised letter format, GSS Ward codes, historic postcodes and vertical street handling. The product is available in ready-to-use GIS formats.

     InterestMap and MarkerMap are trademarks of Dotted Eyes Ltd

    Our Solution.

    • Supply and maintenance of key geographic data sets
    • Full customer support environment
    • Provision of newsletters

    Benefits Realised

    • Improved access to key geographic information datasets for PGA Members – leading to a significant uplift in usage by public sector bodies
    • Very high levels of customer satisfaction
    • Removal of barriers for sharing of data between government departments and contractors
    • Reduced cost due to economies of scale
    • Simpler licensing
    • Member organisations are no longer burdened with establishing individual terms and conditions for data supply
    • Products have been developed to meet the requirements and wishes of PGA Members

    Both InterestMap and MarkerMap Regions are much simpler to load and use than competing products and contain many value add features.

    PGA Data Supply