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    Historical Map Data

    Historical Map Data

    • A unique insight into the history of Great Britain with the most extensive historical mapping archive available
    • Highly accurate georeferenced data by geography, era or scale - uncover direct comparisons between past and present
    • A wide range of scales and dates from 1841
    Historical Map Data


    Landmark Information Group Limited holds the most extensive digital collection of historical Ordnance Survey mapping of Great Britain. This has been taken from Ordnance Survey’s archive of Town Plans, County Series and National Grid mapping covering the period from 1841 to 1996.

    With over one million maps at scales ranging from 1:500 to 1:10 000 this digital archive provides a unique insight into the history of Great Britain.

    Ordnance Survey large-scale mapping began with the first maps, covering individual counties, in September 1841. Each county was then revised between three and five times prior to 1945. These sheets became known as the County Series. Mapping was produced to the Cassini projection with each county surveyed separately, and often to different origins and projections, which meant that they did not match the neighbouring county. In 1944 – 45 OS adopted the National Grid and the entire country’s mapping was transferred to the National Grid projection that we use to this day.

    Historical Map Data is offered as black and white raster data in a range of formats, supplied on DVD or as a Web Mapping Service. The data provides a good quality map background and, as the data is geographically accurate, it can be overlaid with a variety of other modern data products, including modern Ordnance Survey MasterMap® and aerial photography. This allows a direct comparison to be made between the present and the past.



    How this helped our customers

     Historical mapping provides a unique insight into our past and is a fascinating journey through history in itself. Particularly when displayed with contemporary mapping or aerial photography

     Our customers use this information in a wide variety of ways including:

    • Looking for potentially contaminated historic land use and its relationship to current buildings and land use
    • Understanding how historic boundaries relate to current boundaries and to help resolve queries related to historic charges or covenants in relation to the present day
    • To help people trace their history through historic place-names
    • As an academic research tool
    • To provide a fascinating visual tool to teach history and to help children and young adults delve into the past


    Historical is available for the following scales:

    • 1:500, 1:528 & 1:1056 scale pre-war Town Plans
    • 1:2500 scale pre-war County Series mapping
    • 1:10 560 scale pre-war County Series mapping
    • 1:2500 scale post-war National Grid “A,B,C,D” editions
    • 1:1250 scale post-war National Grid “A,B,C,D” editions
    • 1:10 560 or 1:10 000 scale post-war National Grid mapping
    • 1:1250 and 1:2500 post-war SUSI (Surveyors Unpublished Survey Information) & SIM (Survey Information on Microfiche)


    Historical Map Data is available for different time periods, referred to as epochs. These epochs roughly equate to the first County Series survey, and subsequent revisions, and the first National Grid resurvey/overhaul and subsequent sheet revisions. Not all areas will have mapping available for each epoch as the number of revisions for each county varies. Generally, epochs 3 and 4 are only available for urban areas.

    • Epoch 1: the first County Series survey; published dates 1843 to 1893
    • Epoch 2: the first County Series revision; published dates 1891 to 1912
    • Epoch 3: the second County Series revision; published dates 1904 to 1939
    • Epoch 4: the third County Series revision; published dates 1919 to 1939
    • Epoch A5: the first survey/overhaul to the National Grid; published dates from 1945
    • Epoch B6: the first National Grid revision
    • Epoch C7: the second National Grid revision
    • Epoch D8: the third National Grid revision
    • Epoch SIM1 onwards: the SIM editions
    • Epoch SUSI A5 onwards: the SUSI editions, matching the corresponding National Grid series



    Historical Map Data


    Historical Map Data vary in Tile sizes:

    • 1:500 and 1:528 scale County Series Town Plans, 0.3 miles by 0.2 miles or 0.15km2
    • 1:1056 scale County Series Town Plans, 0.6 miles by 0.4 miles or 0.61km2
    • 1:2500 scale County Series maps (also known as 25 inch), 1.5 miles by 1 miles or 3.84km2
    • 1:10 560 scale County Series maps (also known as 6 inch), full sheets, 6 miles by 4 miles or 61.44km2
    • 1:10 560 scale County Series maps (also known as 6 inch), quarter sheets, 3 miles by 2 miles or 15.36km2
    • 1:1250 scale National Grid maps, 0.5km by 0.5km
    • 1:2500 scale National Grid maps, 1 by 1 sheets, 1 km by 1 km
    • 1:2500 scale National Grid maps, 2 by 1 sheets, 2 km by 1 km
    • 1:10 000 scale National Grid maps, 5 km by 5 km or 25 km2

    Benefits include

    • Coverage can be selected by geography, era or scale.
    • Accurately georeferenced to allow direct comparison between the past & the present.
    • Licenced for multi-user & enterprise use.
    • Available in a variety of formats ready for use in all standard Geographic Information Systems.
    • Vector grids provided for each epoch & scale showing coverage and tagged to date of publication of the original map sheet.