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    Department for Energy and Climate Change Green Deal

    Department for Energy and Climate Change Green Deal

    • Operational benefits aligned to digital by default strategy
    • Seamless integration with third party operations
    • End-to-end managed service and support operations
    Department for Energy and Climate Change Green Deal


    The Green Deal is a government initiative allowing consumers to make energy-saving improvements to their homes and find the best way to pay for them. Landmark operated the service from 2011 to 2017. 

    Typical Green Deal improvements include:

    • insulation - e.g. solid wall, cavity wall or loft insulation
    • heating
    • draught-proofing
    • double glazing
    • renewable energy generation - e.g. solar panels or heat pumps

    There is a requirement to securely store and maintain Green Deal application and award information within a secure central register

    A complex managed service scenario involving multiple suppliers and multiple stakeholders within a secure workflow and data storage environment.

    Considerable overlap with DCLG EPC Registers therefore designed to share ICT operational platform and multiple application and workflow modules in line with government best practice

    Secure environment for the storing of personal and financial information

    Department for Energy and Climate Change Green Deal



    Our Solution

    A key element of this project is the secure exchange of information between the various bodies involved in the process. These may include:

    • Green Deal Assessors
    • Financial Institutions
    • Energy Assessors and Surveyors involved in the survey process
    • The numerous Certification and Accreditation bodies who certify the Inspectors and Assessors
    • Third party suppliers providing accredited client packages and services for the capture, validation and upload of Green Deal information
    • DECC and DCLG
    • Landmark, as operator of the Registers

    Information is exchanged between these organisations as a series of secure XML messages, which have been defined by DECC, DCLG and Landmark, and which are published as a set of XML XSD schemas.


    Landmark has implemented mechanisms to send and receive XML messages as

    • Encrypted HTTPS/XML Socket Services
    • SOAP XML Web Services

    Implicit in this service is the creation and parsing of XML/XSD into other data formats and into database tables.

    A wide range of Green Deal and associated information is securely stored within back-end databases

    The managed service operates to strict availability and security service levels. Intrusion Detection and Prevention are embedded in the service.

    The service operates in an evolving business environment and consequently frequent change requests and enhancements are embodied in the service


    Benefits Realised

    • Achievement of statutory obligations achieved to a challenging political deadline
    • Successful operation of complex end-to-end process involving a very large number of stakeholders from diverse marketplaces
    • Shared service design in line with Government Digital Services best practice